Kusakabe San Francisco

Kusakabe San Francisco

San Francisco is home to a multitude of incredible restaurants with a wide reach of worldly cuisines. When you're given the opportunity to eat at a restaurant that normally books out months in advance, has a well deserved Michelin Star and you get to sit at the chef's counter with Chef Mitsunori Kusakabe himself you have to say yes.

Chef Mitsunori Kusakabe

We were taken on a course by course omakase journey by Chef Kusakabe that consisted of seasonal fish, sake and soup that went beyond any tasting menu I've had to date.

Zuke Chutoro, bluefin medium fatty tuna cured in soy sauce

Wild hamachi yellow tail from northern Japan aged 5 days

Chef Kusakabe's ticketing system was an incredible organized flurry of hand written notes on yellow post-it notes.

The Japanese Oyster with French Daurenki Caviar was perfectly fresh and slightly briny with the salty sea taste from the pop of caviar.

Surinagashi of cauliflower with abalone and abalone mushroom

The meticulous construction each piece of nigiri is such a beautiful art form. If you haven't had the experience of sitting at a sushi chef's table you need to find the best sushi spot in your town and book it now.


The Uni was probably some of the best i've ever had. It was perfectly sweet with just the slightest taste of ocean to compliment the nori. It was one of those bites that cause a smile to crack on your face the moment it hits your tongue.

Toro, fatty tuna belly

A5 Wagyu Beef

The final two courses were two of my favorite things to eat. Toro and Wagyu of the highest quality. 

Sad that I couldn't eat this every single day - i was so grateful to have had the opportunity. I always try not to rate my culinary experiences from best to worst, but instead catalogue each unique experience highlighting the flavors I'll never forget.

For this adventure it was all about Chef Mitsunori Kusakabe himself and the ridiculously flavorful wild hamachi yellow tail that came from from northern Japan and was aged 5 days.