Wally's Gastropub

Wally's Gastropub

Sometimes, we find ourselves privileged to experience culinary adventures we never would have expected. We're always grateful to be pulled into the fold, and this experience tasting 9 courses of Chris Collin's new menu at Wally's Gastropub was no different.

While we didn't photograph all of the dishes (it was getting dark) you can bet we will be back to capture more. The food was thoughtfully delicious and every dish had a heartfelt story.

Starting with a toast this drink (Sweet & Spicy) quickly became the drink of choice for our half of the table. This balanced spicy margarita inspired cocktail is favorite of Chef Collins too.

Collins worked the table like an experienced entertainer and made sure to take care of the one vegetarian at the table (spoiler: it was Chanelle). Even though this epic artichoke was part of the normal tasting, it was anything but normal. It's now on record as the best artichoke I've ever had. Perfectly tender with just the right bite. Every petal I worked for was smoky, buttery and just plain fucking awesome.

This humble little chicken slider was crispy and tender. Served with fresh tomato and spicy house made pickles it was so simple that you didn't get distracted by anything but the quality of the local ingredients and the fresh baked bread.

There were NINE courses in this adventure and we don't think we ate again for a few days. They sent us off with their house made pickles, homemade pasta, fresh baked cookies and custom hot sauce. It is and was all good. You should be jealous - or better yet, plan a visit to experience everything Chef Collins has to offer at Wally's. You will not be disappointed.

With love,

Your Spirit Animal